Sunday, March 30, 2008


Every time Annie makes a change for the better, I'm almost afraid to report it because I think that it'll change again, and then I have to take back what I said. But she is better. She spent more time playing with her toys today, and she "only" had about 7 seizures so far today, which is less than the four an hour she was having last week. She also seems more alert and aware of what's going on in the room than last week. So, progress!

There's a few things that may be working to produce this change: the selenium, the carnitine, the vitamins--maybe the snowstorm we had yesterday...maybe your prayers??? Anyway, just thought I'd share what's going on here. Today is also my firstborn, Taylor's, 26th birthday. Eeek--that number is getting way too high.


(Happy Birthday, Taylor, wherever that Peterbilt 357 takes you this week!)


Anonymous said...

Hooray for the good news!

Adam turned 26 on the 24th. Jeremy will be 28 April 9th. As you know, I had my first child when I was 4.

Terri W

Annie Sullivan said...

Yeah, me too. But how old were we when we had our last???

Love, Jean

Gretchen said...

Weren't you 14 when you had Annie? Works for my type of math brain, anyway.

Praying that He'll continue to heal, restore, and strengthen. All of you. It's not just Annie going through this. Sending love and prayer.

aunt rebecca said...

Funny, funny girls.

I'm happy to read about Annie's progress. Will be praying for ZERO seizures, lots of energy and a complete and thorough healing.

Praying for All of the Sullivan's, wherever you are.

26? Omigosh! Happy Birthday, Taylor! We love you and hope your truck brings you our way someday soon!

uncle jeff said...

it's sure good to be forty-five:)

...praying for Annie and Taylor today,,,

Tracey said...

I thought we were all 29.