Friday, April 4, 2008

Upward trends

Things have continued to improve this week--yeah! Annie is much more "conversant," much more interactive with her toys, and definitely not the sleeping beauty she was last month. She really seems to be trying hard to say things--and seems to understand more of what we're saying to her. I'm sure the vitamins, carnitine, and selenium helped. And I think the ketogenic diet's benefits are kicking in, too. We also titrated one seizure medicine down last weekend, which was the clincher, in my mind--a huge difference. The day after we did that she was much more alert, and the day after that, she was almost back to her old self.

I did notice yesterday, too, that the diet seems to finally be knocking out the frequency of the seizures. I know that everyone's response is different, and often there's an initial good response, and then the seizures come back. But--let's pray that we keep going in the right direction--that the diet works, and that we can get Annie off most, if not all, of her seizure medicines.

Meanwhile, if she keeps feeling well, we're planning to try preschool again this month. The school district has arranged a nurse to be with her, so we're looking forward to that. And, next week, Annie turns five. Time flies.


He has made everything beautiful in its time. Ecclesiastes 3:11


Anonymous said...

So Happy to hear good news! May this be an upward trend for Annie!We keep praying!

aunt rebecca said...

Amen, Teena.

OK - we need more pictures!!!!


Annie Sullivan said...

Thanks, Teena & Rebecca, for your prayers--I'll work on the pictures.:)


Anonymous said...

Hi... Praise God for the good report! Love it! I am still only online at library but checking in when I can... and praying! My silence does not mean I have forgotten you... it just means technology is temporarily (I hope) turning its back on me! :)

Sue Powell

uncle jeff said...

i can confirm jean's comment that annie is more attentive and responsive. i dont't get to see her but once every couple of months, or so. during the brief stop i was able to make this past weekend, annie was noticeably more alert and in tune to what was going on around her. and, as jean mentioned, annie is much more conversant. i believe that she is on the verge of saying something understandable. it just hasn't come to fruition quite yet.

happy early birthday, annie!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Annie, Annie and a happy 5th birthday to you today! Sorry I missed you and Mommy today, but we will make another date very soon. I love you so much and continue to pray with so many others that love you and your family! I cannot wait to hear what you will say first....maybe "chocolate milk" or will it be, "Please take me outside?" We pray, wait and greatly anticipate!


Miss Vickie

Anonymous said...

Speak, young child
let words pour forth
and if it rather be
just one small word from ye
all around shall jump with joy
and praise be to His glory.

Speak, thy silent lips
in word or song or utterance
it will not matter what you say
or when a word comes, night or day
your voice is what we long to hear
through rain or sun's bright ray.

Speak, dear Annie
Let none more loudly tell
of dreams and wishes
and smiles and kisses
Let us hear the voice we know so well.

Let her speak, Lord
let her speak.
Let us hear the song of this little bird
that for ye, too long we have not heard
Let her speak, Lord, just one little word.


Annie Sullivan said...

Just one little word, Tracey!! Just one! I really think she is saying, "Hi." You know when your baby says something and you're not sure until he says it 100 times? THEN you know that's what they've been saying. Well, I think those things are going to happen more and more. But for now, it's "Hi."

Sorry, Vickie, that we missed your visit too--but Annie loves her new Princess book, and Millie loved the bow! (And I loved the flowers.)

Good to see you, too, Jeff--and thanks for confirming what we're seeing too.:)