Monday, July 28, 2008

Mission accomplished

Today after the nurses took the Bard g-tube out and replaced it with a Mic-key button they said, "Wow--Annie did really well--we do this all the time, and she didn't kick, hit or scream!" (They wait until AFTER they're done before they tell you all the war stories.) I thought she did well, too, and I have to tell you, we felt your prayers. The whole thing was said and done in about a minute, and her tears dried up in about 2 minutes. Thank You, Lord. The Mic-Key is much less of a bother to change--and virtually painless. So glad we made the change.



Anonymous said...

Yay! I am beaming as I read this! Way to go, Annie!!!!!

Sue Powell

Gretchen said...

Annie, you rock! Pretty soon, you'll be scarfing down the pizza...But for now, I'll gladly settle for seeing that gorgeous smile and those loose teeth! xxxooogretchen

Anonymous said...

I knew you'd love the Mic-key. Annie will, too. Praying that one day you won't need it anymore! One day SOON.

hugs to all,

aunt rebecca said...

Pam has it nailed...Mic-Key is great, and we thank God for progress. And we thank God for the day when it will be HISTORY!!!
Do I hear an AMEN???

Annie Sullivan said...


Anonymous said...

You hear another AMEN!!! Woohooo go Annie... we are all very proud of you!

Sue Powell

Anonymous said...

I wish I could get over there sooner to see her! It sounds like annie is making a whole lot of progress, and I can't wait to give her a big hug and kiss next month! The family is always in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

Mic-Keys are great!
God is greater!!
Go Annie and Yay God!
Terri W

Susan said...


Anonymous said...


CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! It is so good to hear about how you are doing!!!! Way to Go!! You are such a special little girl. I am so happy for your mom and dad, and family. Someimes it is hard to wait on God's healing plan. Our concept of time and His are not the same, I have found. But you are doing it little one. You have made my day!

Su Hawley

Anonymous said...

Annie kisses and giggles. What a blessing to see her continuing to progress and rediscover her abilities and the world around her. We'll continue to pray for her speech and daily tasks. What a testimony she will have someday- she is so blessed to be surrounded by such love and it's a blessing for us to witness God's grace and strength through Annie and your family. Thank you for letting us be a part of it. Always in prayer- Maurita