Saturday, July 26, 2008

One month--no seizures!

Today marks one month since Annie's last seizure. She continues to show more mobility, more strength, more giggling-- and more progress every day. The latest thing I've noticed is how she quickly she moves her arms out of her carseat straps when I open the buckle, and how I need to be ready to catch 50 lbs. right now. She's also flinging her toys around--especially with her left arm. I started putting 1/2 lb. weights on her wrists for short periods of time during the day a week or so ago, and the results are pretty dramatic. Maybe they'll work for me too.

Anyway, remember the g-tube saga of a few months ago? Well, the new g-tube broke about a week ago and needs to be replaced. We're going to try a different style--hopefully one that is less problematic--and we're going to try to get the thing done in clinic rather than in surgery. Please pray for us on Monday that the old g-tube comes out and the new one goes in quickly, painlessly, and with no complications.

On the food front, last week I was feeding her Pringles & veggie sticks, and she was picking the stuff up, putting it in her mouth, chewing, swallowing, and looking for more. I sat there and watched her chow down for at least 5 minutes. At some point while I was watching her, I thought, Gee--this is the way she USED to eat. It was weird. Of course, she hasn't repeated that voracious appetite since that time, but she has continued to eat small amounts. Only 3 more weeks of the keto-diet and we can freely experiment with any crunchy carb we can find.

Please keep praying for her speech to come back. She understands so much of what we say, and responds to commands, but I really want her to TALK!!!!


O Lord, open my lips,
And my mouth shall show forth Your praise. Psalm 51:15


Anonymous said...

How exciting! Praising God and waiting for Annie to praise Him out loud purposefully and intelligible-ly.
Continuing love and prayers,
Terri W

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! Sounds like she is starting to "get it" what that yummy food is for! I agree... talking would be such a super step forward, and I will pray specifically for that!

Sue Powell

Gretchen said...

Oh, Lord, WE PRAISE YOU!!!! THANK YOU for guiding and providing for Annie and her family along the way. They have been in a desert for so long, Lord, I'm thrilled to see them finally at an oasis. Praise You for the big steps, the little steps, and all the miracles in between. I ask that You continue to hold Annie in the palm of your hand, especially as she gets her new g-tube on Monday. In Jesus' name. Amen.