Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Pics

Check out the new pictures below left. I'll try to keep adding more--Bill tells me that moving them from the camera to the computer is "real easy." Like figuring out how the camera worked was "real easy." What he doesn't know is that I'm "real slow."

Anyway--Annie added a new skill yesterday. I was putting her shirt on her, and she pushed her right arm--which she doesn't use as much as her left--through the armhole without being prompted. Then, when I was changing her into her pj's, I said, "pull," and she pulled the right arm out of the armhole. These are big deals, not only because her arm is working, but that it is doing what her brain is telling it to do. So many connections need to be made for ordinary movements, and because her brain isn't constantly being interrupted by seizures now, the connections are RE-connecting!


"For with God nothing will be impossible.” Luke 1:37


Anonymous said...

Wow! I haven't checked in on Annie for awhile and was thrilled to see how well she is doing. You all continue in my prayers....BJ

Anonymous said...


Thank you, Lord!

Thank you, Lord!

Anonymous said...

Annie looks Great! I am so glad she is seizure free! What did you change in the end?

Annie Sullivan said...

Hi BJ, Anon & Teena--so, what did we change in the end? Well, we're still weaning off the keto-diet. Today we started 1:1 ratio, so we're still not completely off. We also went up on some seizure meds in when we were inpatient in June. But something we started that I think may have had a greater impact than we can really know, is that we began giving her more water. Maybe she was dehydrated?!

Bottom line--we don't know why she isn't having seizures. It could be:
1. Weaning off diet (that seemed to cause seizures, because the Addison's hydrocortisone medicine that keeps her blood sugar UP conflicts with the diet's side effect of keeping the blood sugar LOW.)
2. More seizure meds
3. More water
4. Prayer
5. All of the above


Anonymous said...

Oh what a beautiful smile Annie has and how special to see it! :) Super news too about the lack of seizures and great progress. Thank you GOD!! :)

Sue Powell

aunt rebecca said...

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

For the pictures!!!!

Gretchen said...

She is so precious, and her expression is soooo engaged. I was thrilled to get to see her yesterday (and you and Bill, too--you're not so bad yourselves).

Praise God! xxxooogretchen

cnelson said...

Oh my gosh! The pictures are awesome...Annie's expression is just so great! I was standing next to Gretchen on Sunday and stand in agreement as we wait and watch how God is healing Annie one step at a time! Love to all of you! Cindy.

I finally figured the blogger thing out!

kent and jennifer MacDonald said...

We want you to know that we still pray for Annie. And we check on her progress from time to time. Her new pictures are awesome -the light of Jesus shining through those eyes! To God be the glory!!!

Anonymous said...

Jean I have to say it again... I am just stunned when I look at these new pictures and see that big smile and bright, alert eyes! Rejoicing so much with you in God's healing for Annie, and praying He will keep up HIS good work!!!!

Sue Powell