Monday, July 14, 2008

Still counting...

We're almost up to 3 weeks of no seizures. I probably won't stop counting until we get to 6 months. Her little personality keeps coming out with more laughing, "talking," and yelling. She pretty much has an opinion about everything now. Assertiveness has totally replaced passivity. Yippee.

Annie's difficulty communicating seems to be causing her more frustration, which, I guess, is a good thing. This morning when Bill went in to her room to give her her medicine, Annie looked up at him and made a new sound, then had this expression on her face like, "Why can't my mouth work?" She is very chatty during the morning routine, but just seems frustrated when no words come out.

Tomorrow we go to the feeding therapist to see what our next steps are in getting her to eat food. Hopefully her loose bottom front tooth will come out before our appointment. I'm just freaked that it'll fall out and she'll swallow it. But I'm more freaked about going in there after it. Bill & I tried to extract it yesterday, but the whole process was too traumatic for all of us and the neighborhood, so I gave up.


He has put a new song in my mouth—
Praise to our God;
Many will see it and fear,
And will trust in the LORD. Psalm 40:3


Anonymous said...

Singing that new song right with you.......lalalalalalalala!!!!!

It was great getting to see yor,if only for a few minutes.

Millie Mudge is doing great. She has settle right in at the Springers (Grandpa Springer's name is Jerry. Millie will probably need a DNA test now!!!) and no potty accidents so far.

Continuing love and prayers,
Terri W

Anonymous said...

Super super news! Rejoicing with you, and praying.

Sue Powell

Gretchen said...

I cannot underscore enough how thrilled I am that Annie is frustrated about her communication. Where there is frustration, there is progress. I just know it! Keep us posted as you can. Praying her chatty!


Anonymous said...

Gretchen... exactly! With frustration will come determination! I am thrilled with Annie's progress and just can't wait to see how God continues to heal her!

Sue Powell

Annie Sullivan said...

Terri--I am glad Millie is doing well--we miss her, but know she's bonding with her new family. :)

Gretchen--we need to talk more about what it looks like before people regain language. I wish I could read case studies...or something!

Sue--thanks for your faithful cheerleading!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jean. Yah I don't know anything about this stuff but I do jump around and wave my pom poms. :) Yay Annie... go girl!

Sue Powell

aunt rebecca said...

So what if she swallows her tooth? I mean seriously, is that a problem if she really SWALLOWS it? It'll come out in the wash :-)

Susan said...

Life sure has its challenges, eh?

Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens.
Psalm 68:19

Annie Sullivan said...

Rebecca--Okay, it's not the swallowing that's such a problem, it's the choking. :-0

Susan--Hello! Our lives DO have their challenges--but you're right that He daily bears our burdens. It's so good to hear from you!