Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Respite

This past weekend Bill & the kids treated me to a mini-vacation with 5 of my BFF's at Miss Pam's Ocean Shores retreat. Two days of R&R was just what the doctor ordered, and I do feel refreshed. Bill is the ultimate bomb of a husband as far as I am concerned, and I want to hear a round of applause for him taking good care of little Miss Barf-a-lot while I was gone. She doesn't seem any the less for wear, but I know Bill is happy to be back at the office this morning--

So, I had to multi-task rest with productivity, and thought it might be a good weekend to make a rag quilt for Annie. I've wanted to make one for a few years, ever since the one my neice, Lorraine, made for her when Annie was a baby got a little threadbare--but never had the gumption to start the thing. So I went to the fabric store last week, bought too much flannel, lugged it down to Ocean Shores, and--after a couple of stops at some cool nurseries with Andrea--dumped the bundle out in front of my quilter friends. Pam set up a production line of cutting out squares of fabric, then we all gathered around to arrange and rearrange the blocks til we came up with a pretty pattern. After I got the thing sewed up, Nancy & Margo cut the fringe and Pam sewed the top binding, while I took lots of breaks to watch Cindy quilt on her project. Many hands do make light work, and the results of our team effort are now snuggled around Annalee this morning, who is stirring in her bed. Gotta go.

I'll post a picture soon.


A good friend is like a warm quilt wrapped around the heart.


Gretchen said...

I was gonna say....

picture, please.

But now, I'll just wait patiently. Or almost patiently. I don't quite roll with patient yet, but God is working.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! Can't wait to see the pix.
And clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!! (For Bill, what a guy!)

Continuing love and prayers,

Terri W.

Sue Powell said...

LOL you call THAT a break? :) Glad you got something special done though. Can't wait to see the picture.

Jean said...

Last night Bill worked in the black hole that is our 3rd bathroom remodel, so he didn't get the pic up. Maybe tonight? Or, maybe I can get one of my techno-savvy children to walk me through the steps to do it myself.

Sue Powell said...

The quilt is gorgeous. The girls are of course even MORE georgeous! I love the pix on Facebook... wow, Annie's interaction with others is amazing and beautiful to see! :)

Jean said...

Thanks, Sue!

uncle jeff said...

good for you guys!

you're right, bill IS a good husbandand daddy.

pam said...

so Jean, what's your Facebook name so I can see those cute pix too?