Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sorting it out

I bought Annie a new toy a week or so ago. Of course it has flashing lights, sounds, music--all the required elements for her to be interested in it. A few days later I noticed that her absence seizures were increasing. Then I read that absence seizures are often triggered by flashing lights. Duh. So I took the new toy and tried masking tape to cover the lights, but the lights still showed through. I think I need duct tape.

Then today I was reviewing the results of labs done awhile back and discovered that her selenium is low. Did you know that a deficiency in selenium can exacerbate seizures? I didn't know either until I did some research. So, get rid of the lighted toys and add selenium.

Then there's her Addison's. Last month when Annie was doing so poorly, she had the hiccups a lot. Then I read that with at least 2 people who were diagnosed with Addison's, one of their symptoms was hiccups. Now when we increased Annie's hydrocortisone dose in the middle of August, her hiccups went away. So, for my Addisonian friends--if you notice hiccups with generalized weakness, maybe you need to increase your hydro dose??

I need to write Epilepsy for Dummies, or Addison's for Dummies. Who knows if there's a direct cause and effect with these things? I'm just taking notes. Overall, though, Annie is still doing okay...I just need these seizures to go away. Thanks for your prayers--we always need them.


I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
I will counsel you and watch over you. Psalm 32:8


aunt rebecca said...

You are writing Addison's for Dummies. As you accumulate all these facts in your journal (and on your blog), the encyclopedia is being built.

Keep the faith.


Teena said...

One brazil nut has all the daily requirements for selenium. I'm not sure where Annie is with food these days, but I grate one right into whatever Ben is eating. No particular chewing required. :)

pam said...

Exactly! One Brazil nut! How easy is that?
Jean you are amazing...aunt rebecca is correct: you are writing the book as we all read the first draft!
Love and prayers...

Jean said...

Well, I took the cheater's way out & am getting a selenium supplement for g-tubes. I should try the crushed nut first though. I actually have been thinking about doing real food in her g-tube...I think there's something called a "blenderized diet"?

Thanks R, T, & P for your encouragement & ideas. I will try that brazil nut--one for me & one for Annie!!

uncle jeff said...

i agree with re and pam. if not the addison's then some other book.

praying for annie tonight.

aunt rebecca said...

actually, everyone in the NW should have one brazil nut a day - raw, preferably - because it also helps to fight SAD and other depressions.

You can get the same amount of selenium in a whole loaf of Wonder Bread as you get in the brazil nut...but then you're depressed for other reasons ;-)

Gretchen said...

Brazil nut, huh? Sounds exotic. ARen't they the big, honkin' ones? Anyhoo.

Praying for no seizures, and for God to heal her brain. And for duct tape. <3 you.

Sue Powell said...

Interesting about the brazil nuts. But LOL what if we LIKE the dark, rainy weather? :) In any case, praying about the seizures.