Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Day

Jack-Jack-Jack, (Annie's translation), took her out for a walk in the snow today. It was a beautiful day for polar bears--sunny, bright and fa-reezing. The high was 24 degrees; tomorrow will top off at a balmy 28 degrees before going down to 14 at night. Brrr.

Annie is still plodding along with tasting stuff. Today we tried a little Key Lime yogurt. She wasn't thrilled with it, but she didn't gag. She hasn't been feeling very well the last couple of days...not sure why, but I suspect the high-calorie formula we've been trying is making her a little green around the gills. So I don't think she'll be eating pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, but she may taste it.

I'm getting a little more focused on transitioning her to a real-food blenderized diet. Like I said, the high calorie formula doesn't seem to be digesting easily, so today I bagged it, and just threw together a bunch of real food and gave her that through her g-tube. She seemed to tolerate it okay. Eventually I'd like to move to a modified Atkins diet, just to see if we can get rid of more seizures. Maybe if we can get rid of her seizures, then she'll eat. Maybe.

She really likes sitting in her Rifton Activity chair at the table, though, so I am thankful for that--and for big brother Jack-Jack-Jack who likes to take Annie for walks in the snow.



Marilyn said...

You go, Jack!

What a great picture with your sister! We have snow/sleet/freezing rain in our forecast tomorrow. Depends on which forecast you believe.

Praying that Annie has a very special Thanksgiving dinner time.

Aunt Marilyn

"mingazoo"! :)

aunt rebecca said...

In point of fact, I am on a Modified Atkins Diet myself...I read the Atkins Diet and Modified it to suit myself.

yuk, yuk.

Jean said...

Yeah, I've done the same. At least 20 times.

Gretchen said...

You know, Jean, you have great intuition about Annie, so I'm happy to see when you bag something in favor of your own good sense. And we like Jackx3 around here, too. :)