Monday, May 13, 2013

Ella and Katya's Cupcake Story

One more cupcake story!

Brenda and her daughters, Ella and Katya, made cupcakes and delivered them to Everett Fire Station #5. Ella and Annie were good friends, and little Katya came along after Annie got sick. I wrote about them in this precious post--one you don't want to miss. Brenda shares the details on their cupcake adventure:

I asked the girls if they wanted to make cupcakes to celebrate Annie's life and to help bring awareness of the sickness Annie had so that other kids might have a chance to be treated sooner.    


 I think I had them at cupcakes.

We made the cupcakes and mixed the pink frosting then we were off to deliver them to our local fire station.  

We went to fire station no. 4 in Everett and it seemed like no one was home.  Are they closed? Do fire stations close? We couldn't figure out how to get in so we got back in the car in search of another fire station near by. 

Fire Station No. 5 was the winner.  As we got out of the car their door was just closing.  I ran over and the girls followed with pink cupcakes in hand. We offered the cupcakes and the flier you made.  We thanked them and told them a little about Annie and how the fire fighters and EMT's had been there to help Annie in the past and we are so grateful for what they do.  

Then the girls began to ask all sorts of questions and fire fighter Weir gave the girls the grand tour.  They climbed on trucks, listened to the horn and the sirens and even got to wash their hands in the fire fighters sink. 

It was a great experience and we hope the fire fighters enjoy the cupcakes while looking over the flier about Annie and how to help people with Adrenal Insufficiency.

Thank you, Brenda, Ella and Katya, for telling your story about Adrenal Insufficiency to the firefighters, and for being Annie's dear friends. (I'm glad you persisted until you found Station #5!)

Love you guys, 


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Gretchen said...

Such a cool story. And the outfits...well, let's just say that I think Annie would've heartily approved. :)