Thursday, January 22, 2015

Saving Lives With Adrenal Insufficiency Awareness

Cheryl Kornegay, an EMT from North Carolina, is on a mission to train fellow emergency responders on how to identify and treat adrenal insufficiency (AI).

Have her efforts made a difference?

Incredibly so. Since beginning training in October of 2014, five patients in her county were identified as being adrenal insufficient. Five people were helped by emergency personnel who had just been trained on adrenal insufficiency and knew what to do.

Also, as a result of Cheryl’s leadership on how to identify and treat adrenal insufficiency, she was awarded Orange County’s EMS Employee of the Year.

Why is adrenal insufficiency awareness important to Cheryl?

Cheryl has a personal stake in AI awareness. Two years ago, her 12-year-old son, Gabe, was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency (AI). Cheryl started on ground zero with her understanding of how an AI crisis can turn deadly. Her learning curve was steep.

Cheryl didn’t waste any time. She found Adrenal Insufficiency United, and ordered brochures and a training packet for Gabe’s school. The documentation from AIU helped his school nurse understand the gravity of AI, and why Gabe needs access to hydrocortisone and emergency Solu-Cortef at all times—even on field trips.

Today, when Cheryl isn’t working or at home with her husband Cutler, Gabe and her 14-year-old daughter, Cai, she serves on the board of AIU. Her story is an inspiration to us all that adrenal awareness saves lives.

Thanks, Cheryl!!

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