Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday, March 22

Cousin Kate from Texas (Rebecca's 22 year old daughter) is here visiting Annie this week. She played a slow, soft piano piece for Annie today for "music therapy," and just about put her to sleep. It was soooo relaxing. Kate has been such a help to me (like her mother who needs to move here from Oklahoma) and quite entertaining to the older Sullivan kids.

Annie got a big exercise ball from PT Debbie today. She likes laying on it and touching her toes to the floor--moving up and over and back down. Debbie helped her stand today, and sit more--Annie got a real workout. Yesterday, OT Sabiha worked with her on her sitting up and torso control--so much so that at one point Annie yelled, "Oooowwww!" Okay--that's her first word in my book! I said, "Did you hear that?" Sabiha said, "I thought YOU said that." So, Annie said her first word. I'll keep you posted on what she says next.



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Lynn Casey said...

Yay Annie I am glad you said your first word :)