Saturday, May 5, 2007

Saturday, May 5th

Happy Cinco de Mayo.

Another day, another barf. How do you spell stress? P-U-K-E. Please pray that we resolve this issue, and that she sleep tonight. Last night she was up at 3:00. Something must be changing in her system, or ???--but things are quite unstable now. Like they were stable before.

Please pray for our kids too. They are trying hard to be brave, but this time is really taking a toll on them.

Thanks for listening to me whine.


Have mercy on me, O LORD, for I am weak;
O LORD, heal me, for my bones are troubled.
My soul also is greatly troubled;
But You, O LORD—how long?
Return, O LORD, deliver me!
Oh, save me for Your mercies’ sake!
Psalm 6:2-4


Anonymous said...

Well I guess it must have been clear direction from God for me to log on here again tonight at 11 PM after being wakened by the neighbor's howling dog :) even though I checked the site earlier. You and your entire family are in my prayers, and right now in the middle of the night I am praying for all of you!

Love you
Sue Powell

Annie Sullivan said...

God answered your prayers for a good night's rest, and she slept like a log. Thank you, Sue!


Anonymous said...

Dearest Sullivan's,

Again, I just want to thank you for your diligence in sharing your journey. I so appreciate being able to "keep up" with Annie's progress. We are always praying for you . You are never far from our thoughts.

In His Love,

Debbie McBrayer

Gretchen said...

Hi Annie,

Please keep your groceries down so Mama doesn't worry, okay? I can't wait to come see you on Tuesday morning. Do you think I could have a cuddle as we sing some songs? Blessings, Little One.

xxxoooMiss Gretchen

Aunt Rebecca said...

It's Monday morning in Oklahoma, where the wind comes whippin' down the plain. All night t'storms clatter and kaboom around us, the dogs yelp, lightning pierces the dark, and sleep is not found. No tornados here...just a lot of noise and light.
God is very large in a big t'storm, and that is the God we ask for Annie's healing. This God of the night thunderstorms is so very able to deliver health, healing, rest, speech, mobility, strength to Annie.
Father of Light and Thunder - please use that power to heal our baby. Please bring the Sullivan family through to a joyous conclusion to this huge trial. Thank You for all the Love You have poured out upon and through Your people during these months of stress and trouble. Thank You that You ARE able to heal. Show Your mercy again, we humbly plead. Amen.

Gretchen said...

Amen to Rebecca's prayer. xxxooo

Anonymous said...

Jean, thanks for sharing about Annie sleeping! I was sooooooo ticked when that dog downstairs woke me up howling! But now I am very thankful and that God led me to to log on once again!!! I will keep praying!!!

Sue Powell

Anonymous said...

Hi Sullivans! The sun in out and it's going to be a beautiful day (finally). We are praying for you and for Annie's daily steps toward her full recovery. Each one of you is a link to her recovery. Hang in there with the little things. Even though it's not always obvious, her brain and heart are growing and responding to every word, song and touch. Don't be discouraged- she is on God's healing train and moving forward on the track-places to go things to do. God is good and faithful.
My prayer for Annie is that she will smile and giggle- we know she can (because you've seen her frown and other peeks at emotion). Laughter is a small thing, but a huge reward for your faithfulness. However she can, I believe Annie wants to bless you and thank you for your love and care- be looking for it!
God Bless- Maurita Colburn

Tracey said...

As the storms blow through
and darkness falls
I turn to You

In the early morn when light is new
though bright is the sky
I turn to You

You, who are my savior
You, the one who blessed this family
You, the one who calms a raging sea
You, you calm a heart so weary.

On our knees, no longer can we stand
As we pray that you would take us in your hands
You, our Lord, are with us through it all
You lift us up, and give us strength to face the call.

whose vision is the clearest one
whose love sent us your only son
whose face in Heav'n I long to see
My Lord,
today again, thou saveth me.

We cry, for we are merely human
We sleep, for energy has waned
We long, for days of songs and laughter
We worship, for all you have ordained.

You, your power is so mighty
You, your love is endless grace
You, who've given us this wonder to behold
A little girl, whose love for you shines in her face.

And so, today I rise again
and worship you in everything I am
and face the day, not knowing what it brings
I look at her, I think of You, and my heart sings

For You, whose love is never ending
You, whose holy son ascending
brings to You our only offering
our heart and soul, to worship you, our King.

Let us rest, oh Lord of everafter
Bring peace into this household Lord, we pray
Let there be words from mouths of babes so sweet
That we might shout for joy this very day.