Monday, October 25, 2010


For the next few weeks, I'll be writing a foodoir as Annie begins intensive feeding therapy. We've been warming her up the last few weeks with the carrots, apples, Pirate's Booty, big Cheez-its, and Cheetos her nurse offers her each day at lunch. She's tasting, biting and licking, but not doing a whole lot of chewing and swallowing. That will come later...

...when we pull out all the stops and she begins eating remediation. Feasting 101. Exploring your inner foodie. Starting November 1st, check in here for the latest on dining with Annie. You will get a blow by blow of every morsel and crumb that goes past her teeth. Never thought that eating could be such a big deal, huh? My goal is that by Thanksgiving, she'll be fighting her brothers for a piece of pumpkin pie. Now that would be something to be thankful for!

Please be praying for no seizures, and for her happy cooperation with the team who will lead us in this gastronomic adventure.



Anonymous said...

Praying that the joy of food is once more brought back into Annie's world! And that keeping it down will be the norm rather than the exception!

Much love,

kathycampbell said...

Definitely praying! Here in Kentucky we're all about sweet potatoes -- perhaps sweet potatoes for sweet Annie? Thank you, Jesus. Kathy

Anonymous said...

Wish I were up there this Thanksgiving to celebrate with you all... we could swap recipes and cook up lots of yummies to tempt Annie (and the rest of us =) - xo /k

Jean said...

Hi all--thanks for checking in, and all your love & prayers as we go through this. I appreciate your support so much--we need it! I'll provide lots of pictures, too. You know, of me biting my nails and trying to act calm.

Anonymous said...

It's OK if you bite your long as you chew them up and swallow. LOL Parents must set the example!

Love and prayers for lots of chewing and swallowing on Annie's part,

Terri W
PS Please know I can think of NO BETTER example than you guys...if you didn't already know that, that is.

aunt rebecca said...

"She's tasting, biting and licking, but not doing a whole lot of chewing and swallowing"

I know that Annie's 'eating disorder' is slightly different from my own...I wonder if I could take a lesson from her? It might do me some good.

Praying for a smooth and FUN transition to FOOD AS WE KNOW IT ALL TOO WELL ;-)

Marilyn said...


Hope it's going well. Keep us posted.