Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Annie

I'm sitting here this morning, wrapped up in Annie's pink blanket you can see in this picture.  I took this on March 20th, and in it, you can see the early birthday card Annie received from her 10 year old twin cousins, Grace & Aileen. Their mother, Lorraine, is my oldest sister, Susan's, daughter, and has always been either early or on time in sending greeting cards. Susan always did that too, but now she is in heaven with Annie. Maybe if there are cupcakes in heaven, she can help Annie celebrate today. Weird how you think about things like that now.

Olivia is going to make some pink cupcakes today. I think you all should, too.


On Mount Zion the Lord who rules over all will prepare a feast for all of the nations. The best and richest foods and the finest aged wines will be served. On that mountain the Lord will destroy the veil of sadness that covers all of the nations. He will destroy the gloom that is spread over everyone. He will swallow up death forever.
The Lord and King will wipe away the tears from everyone's face. He will remove the shame of his people from the whole earth. The Lord has spoken. At that time they will say, "He is our God. We trusted in him, and he saved us. He is the Lord. We trusted in him. Let us be filled with joy because he saved us."                                                                                          Isaiah 25:6-9


Vickie Dinneen said...

Happy birthday, Annie! Celebrating with pink donuts in the Dinneen house today! Love you Sullivan family!!

Lana C. said...

A beautiful tribute. Every year since my mother passed from breast cancer, I cook something in her honor to remember her. This touched me because the first year anniversary of my mother passing, I made her favorite, Strawberry Cupcakes and brought one to my dad. You are a beautiful mother to your daughter, always.

Lana C.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Annie,

I think I *will* make pink cupcakes today and think of you all.

Be strong, and know when you can't be strong, all the rest of us will be strong for you.

Love, Kendra

Aunt Marilyn said...

Happy Birthday, Annie! Blessings on the Sullivans, on earth and in heaven!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Annie! I don't have any pink cupcakes but today I was thinking there must be a huge PINK celebration in Heaven today and wondering just what Annie is doing. Bet Susan was there to greet Annie! In fact, I have a neat story along those lines that I need to share with you!
Sue Powell

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Annie! Hugs to all of you here celebrating her. The girls and I are off to bake pink cupcakes with sprinkles!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Annie! We just finished our pink cupcakes!

aunt rebecca said...

Happy Birthday, Annie!

No, I didn't eat anything pink today.

But I did plant a pink hydrangea. Does that count?

Anonymous said...

I didn't eat anything pink but I did put up a pink tribute to Annie on my brand new blog. The pink text looks funny on the site but it had to be. :)

Sue Powell

Luke's Mom said...

Woke up this morning praying for you and your family, knowing today would be a challenging day. Though I only got to meet your precious Annie girl the one time, she made a huge impression on my heart, as did your precious sons. The compassion and kindness your boys showed their sister was amazing, they truly did mirror the true love of God, I know my life will never be the same, thank you for allowing me the opportunity, of seeing God's hand extended through your family's example.

Love in Christ,

Gretchen said...

You made it through a first. To God be the glory. Hugs, my friend. And that is one great blanket.

Whitney said...

Happy Birthday Annie! You is my favorite color too! :)